Selected Poems

Terrain: "Dear America"

Rattle: "In the Checkout Line at Rite Aid,"

VerseDaily: "In the Checkout Line at Rite Aid," (reprint)

table/FEAST: "Tender" and "The Apple-Polisher"

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily:  "As Much as an Agnostic Can Pray" and "What to Expect: The Teenage Years"

Writing in a Woman's Voice: "After Twenty Years, We Stop Giving Each Other Cards"

Your Daily Poem: "Go On, Stay" 

Pratik: "Revival" and "Secret Favorite" 

Hags on Fire: "Novel"

Headline Poetry: "The Escape"

Across the Social Distances: "Field Day"

Quaranzine: "Measures," "Love in the Time of Covid," and "Elegy for the Beloved Stranger"

MockingHeart Review: "Match""The Fly Implores You to Attend to Your Life,"and "Wake, Butterfly, It's Late"

West Trestle: "Reading Miller's Essay 'On Tragedy and the Common Man' the Night before Reading the Radiologist's Report"

So to Speak "Miss Carriage" won the annual poetry contest, judged by Arielle Greenberg.

"Taking My Time" appears in the CavanKerry Press anthology, Places We Return To.

Verse Daily:"What It's Like To Be A Girl" and "In the Checkout Line at Rite Aid"

Hartskill Review: "Patient Survey"


Shark Reef: "Variations on a Theme" 

Shark Reef: "Iterations of Loss" (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Lady/Liberty/Lit: "Rethinking Mrs. Robinson in the #MeToo Moment"

The Manifest-Station: "Life After Death" "What We Tell Our Sons about Rape"

Zocalo Public Square: "Can Books Build Community?"​