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Through E-Bay ads for an inflatable church, labels stuck to her preschool son's jeans, instructions for preconception gender selection, and childhood games, Porter names herself into the world with lyrical irony in poem after hilariously tragic poem. - Tony Barnstone

In Seven Floors Up you will find a complicated and gifted poet, Cati Porter, whose art is filled not only with heart and mind--but also with the body in its varied and rich incarnations. - Deborah Bogen

Seven Floors Up is a book that mirrors real life, in all of its messiness, chaos and brief moments of serendipity. - Jessica Fox-Wilson, ReadWritePoem

Like bees extracting pollen, Cati Porter has found the rich and mysterious nourishment of the things in front of us, the poetry in plain view. - Beth Ann Fennelly

Seven Floors Up is a memorable collection of impressive poems that evoke day-to-day life and women’s manifold experiences. - Dorsia Smith Silva, Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering

In the vein of poetry by the amazing Heather McHugh, the driving force of "Miss Carriage" is American language itself: its endless opportunities for riffing, its image-rich idioms, its fantastically eclectic sounds. But like McHugh's poems, the language play of "Miss Carriage" is not merely playful; it is pinned to something very real, very directly human. - Arielle Greenberg 




Cati Porter is a poet, editor, and community arts facilitator. She is the author of Seven Floors Up (Mayapple Press, 2008) and My Skies of Small Horses (forthcoming from WordTech Editions, February 2016) as well as five chapbooks including The Body, Like Bread (forthcoming from Finishing Line Press, 2016).

She is founder and editor of the online literary journals Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry and Inlandia: A Literary Journey and Executive Director of the Inlandia Institute, a Riverside-based nonprofit cultural and literary arts organization dedicated to celebrating and preserving the Inland Southern California Region in word, image, and sound.

Cati Porter has lived almost exclusively in the Inland Empire since 1986, moving between Moreno Valley, Ontario, and Rancho Cucamonga, before finally settling in Riverside, where she continues to live with her husband and two sons.