About Seven Floors Up

Cati Porter's debut collection is intimate, tender, at times funny and at others erotically charged, Porter’s poems dwell on the subjects that affect us deeply: relationships complicated by circumstance; childbirth; illness; unseasonable death. She reminds us that it is in the everyday entaglements that we find poetry.

Through E-Bay ads for an inflatable church, labels stuck to her preschool son's jeans, instructions for preconception gender selection, and childhood games, Porter names herself into the world with lyrical irony in poem after hilariously tragic poem. -- Tony Barnstone

This necessary book comes to us straight from "the kitchen of the soul," where the details of daily life--a sick dog's diet, an inflatable church up for bidding on eBay--are transformed from the domestic into the mythic. Cati Porter's fascination with language and deeply-felt passion are seasoned with a welcome humor that makes this book a joy to read. Admirable in its range--whether pantoum, sestina, abecedarium, or deft free verse--and penetrating in its wisdom, Seven Floors Up is a collection to be treasured. --Beth Ann Fennelly

Included in this collection:

"Administering My Dog's Cancer Therapy, I Think About My Sons", winner of the Gravity & Light poetry competition, judged by Chella Courtington.

"Where She Is", shortlisted for University of Maine's The Binnacle ultra short competition.

An excerpt from "A Feline Fine, Kitty Kitty Mine", a double abecedarian, was included in the novel Delta Girls by Gayle Brandeis.