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AWP & other recentish things

This post is a few weeks overdue. As usual, I'm now cramming it in between coffee and taking my son to school/going about my workday. But, before too much time passes, just a few thoughts on AWP. The way I've been describing it to my kids, who have no clue what this AWPthing is about, is that it's like high school for grown ups, except all your classes are electives and there are no grades.

The more I think about it, the more apt this feels.

Every time I turned a corner, there was someone I knew. I very literary walked straight into someone I knew and liked because she saw me coming and wanted to say hi. I hadn't seen her, I was so focused on getting where I was going, but it was great to catch up. Someone else I darted in front of because I wanted to say hello.

And that was my AWP. Nonstop hugging and helloing, punctuated by listening to panel discussions and readings playing with the Jane Hirshfield interactive science poetry exhibit.

Also, AWP fashion is the best. One of my favorite outings was the Antioch alumni breakfast where I ran into one of my dearest writer friends I hadn't seen in years since she moved out of state and we were, by some magical coincidence of the universe, wearing the same skirt.

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