About My Skies of Small Horses

My Skies of Small Horses is a love letter to all that is strange, uncomfortable, terrible in its beauty. Taking its cues from a range the ragged edge of feminist poetry, the poems in this collection are not satisfied being the object of affection; they would rather you look away than stay with them, so that they may go on being themselves rather than anything you might want them to be.

"Cati Porter's My Skies of Small Horses revels in a domestic space that twists and morphs until a dystopic world is revealed.  The speaker persists through various trials with a feral power that wreaks havoc on the ordinary." -- Molly Bendall

Cati Porter knows that the domestic sphere is a space full of knives, that a human is a zoo animal, and that a lover is someone who holds your hair while you vomit. With plenty o' nods to Plath and looking-glass Alice, the language in My Skies of Small Horses is like a steep spiral staircase with a velvet bannister, tricky and lush and twisting. It's a poetry of the"haunted, the unhung and moonsung, the run and the con."-- Arierrel Greenberg

Included in this collection:

"What It's Like to Be a Girl" published by Verse Daily

"Miss Carriage", winner of the 2010 poetry competition, So To Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art, judged by Arielle Greenberg.

"Greed", finalist, Crab Creek Review poetry competition, 2010, judged by Aimee Nezhukumatathil.