Selected Poems

Forthcoming in Rattle: "In the Checkout Line at Rite Aid," [anticipated pub date: March 2022]

table/FEAST: "Tender" and "The Apple-Polisher" [forthcoming in issue #1 December, 2021]

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily:  "As Much as an Agnostic Can Pray"

Writing in a Woman's Voice: "After Twenty Years, We Stop Giving Each Other Cards"

Autumn Sky Poetry Daily: "What to Expect: The Teen-Age Years"

Pratik: "Secret Favorite"

Your Daily Poem: "Go On, Stay" 

Pratik: "Revival

Hags on Fire: "Novel"

Headline Poetry: "The Escape"

Across the Social Distances: "Field Day"; republished in The Plague Papers e-anthology.

Quaranzine issue 15: "Measures," "Love in the Time of Covid," and "Elegy for the Beloved Stranger"

MockingHeart Review: "Match" (nominated for a Pushcart prize), "The Fly Implores You to Attend to Your Life,"

and "Wake, Butterfly, It's Late"

West Trestle Review: "Reading Miller's Essay 'On Tragedy and the Common Man'

the Night before Reading the Radiologist's Report"

So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art: "Miss Carriage" won the annual poetry contest, judged by Arielle Greenberg.

"Taking My Time" was a Top 10 finalist on the Poetic Asides PAD challenge in 2014 and

appears in the CavanKerry Press anthology, Places We Return To.

Verse Daily: "What It's Like To Be A Girl"

Hartskill Review: "Patient Survey" "How I Came into the Body," "We Set Sail for the Margins,"

"Snowstorm, What She Knows," "Since You Insist," and "Soliloquay"
Contrary: "Grace" and "Falling In, Falling Out"

The Quotable Lit, Desire/Issue 15: "Reciprocity"

The Nervous Breakdown: "the problem with Desire" 

Truck: "Not Knowing Where This May Lead, Blue Horse Lets Them In"

No Tell Motel: "Only the Pots Know the Boiling Points of their Broths," "Over the Hills and Far Away,"

"There's a whole in the bucket, dear Liza," "Jam in the Doorjamb," and "Warning!"

Wicked Alice: "What Its Like to Be a Girl," "Command & Control," and "An Arrangement, an Iridescence, a Letting Go and Down"

Crab Creek Review: "Greed" was a finalist in their annual poetry contest, judged by Aimee Nezhukumatathil.

Umbrella: "Caution Please Do Not Try to Turn the Head Forcefully by Hand!," "The Mum Bell,"

"Seven Floors Up to the Kitchen of the Soul"

Umbrella: "Still Life with Interior," "Seated Nude 1," "Blonde Nude

Umbrella:"Civil Fruit," "False Fruit," "Dreaming the Fruited Damson Tree," and "Fructus Industriales"

Qarrtsiluni: "Hive"


Shark Reef: "Variations on a Theme" NEW! January 2022

Shark Reef: "Iterations of Loss" (Nominated for a Pushcart Prize)

Lady/Liberty/Lit: "Rethinking Mrs. Robinson in the #MeToo Moment"

The Manifest-Station: "Life After Death" "What We Tell Our Sons about Rape"

Zocalo Public Square: "Can Books Build Community?"


Places We Return To: "Taking My Time" 

The Plague Papers: "Field Day" (reprint)

Like a Fat Gold Watch,: "Pure" and "Greed"

Bared, Women Write Resistance: "After Googling Normal Breasts" and "The Milk-Wet Ache"

Letters to the World: "Pomegranate, Juiced"

White Ink: "Administering My Dog's Cancer Therapy, I Think About My Sons" (reprint)

Orangelandia: "Orange" and "What to Make of an Orange"

Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor"Pomegranate, Juiced"

Magazines & Newspapers

Flea Market Decor: "Brad Keeler's Legacy"

The Press-Enterprise: "Dear Santa"

The Press-Enterprise: On "Occasional Poems"

The Press-Enterprise: "The Books of My Childhood"

The Press-Enterprise: "On Literary Citizenship"

The Press-Enterprise: "Riverside Women Strategize on Creating Change"

The Press-Enterprise: "Taking Writing to the Street to Reach Area's Homeless"

The Press-Enterprise: "Here's Why It's Important for Writers to Promote Their Own Books"

Several articles also appeared in Inland Empire Magazine.

Interviews online & elsewhere

SoCal Voices with Angela Ross

How I Write podcast with Thomas Girshin

Artists Spotlight by Patrick Brien

The How The Why podcast by 1888

This Choice, with Ren Powell

My Awesome Empire

The Martin Lastrapes Show

The Blood Jet Writing Hour

Dr. Andy's Poetry and Technology Hour

The Moe Green Poetry Hour

California Arts Council Creative Uplift series: "We're Here and We Love Company"

Los Angeles Review of Books: "The Online Pivot"

Shoutout L.A.

Literary Mama: A Conversation with Cati Porter by Kyra Rabinov

Artist's Spotlight in The Press-Enterprise by Patrick Brien of Riverside Arts Council

My (small press) writing life

Parents who make writing work

rob mclennans 12 or 20 questions

The Nervous Breakdown

Laura Madeline Wiseman's The Chapbook Interview

Umbrella Journal A Conversation with Cati Porter with Rachel Dacus

Book reviews online & elsewhere

Wintergreen by Charles Bennett in Galatea Ressurrects

Fear of Moving Water by Alex Grant in Smartish Pace

Chains & Mirrors by Alex Grant in Rattle

Adamantine by Shin Yu Pai in Inlandia: A Literary Journey

Landscape with Silos by Deborah Bogen in Rattle

Locket by Catherine Daly in Galatea Ressurrects

Links to Recent Virtual Event Recordings 

Redheaded Stepchild reading series

Sacramento Poetry Center reading series

Moreno Valley Writers Expo

Inlandia Institute pandemic poetry reading

Loma Linda University Poetic Voices reading series


Inlandia Books

Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry

Poemeleon at The Review Review.

Inlandia: A Literary Journal

Photo taken after a Zoom launch reading for The Plague Papers, a special e-anthology guest edited by Robbi Nester. Background image from an NPR piece about penguins visiting a museum during the pandemic, which served as inspiration for "Field Day"

Artist Attributions

Cover art for Seven Floors Up, My Skies of Small Horses, The Body at a Loss courtesy of Julie Heffernan.

Cover art for The Body, Like Bread courtesy of Lavina Blossom.

All three Dancing Girl Press chapbook covers courtesy of the author's sister, Amy Payne, including all illustrations for what Desire makes of us.

Slow Unravelling of Living Ghosts cover art and illustrations by Steve "Lu" Lossing.

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