Selected Poems & Essays Online


"What It's Like To Be A Girl" on Verse Daily

From The Body at a Loss

MockingHeart Review: "Match" (nominated for a Pushcart prize), "The Fly Implores You to Attend to Your Life" and "Wake, Butterfly, It's Late"

West Trestle Review: "Reading Miller's Essay 'On Tragedy and the Common Man' the Night before Reading the Radiologist's Report"


Not online:

Hartskill Review: "Patient Survey" "How I Came into the Body", "We Set Sail for the Margins", "Snowstorm, What She Knows", "Since You Insist" and "Soliloquay"

From The Body, Like Bread:

Contrary: "Grace" and "Falling In, Falling Out"

The Quotable Lit, Desire/Issue 15: "Reciprocity"


From what Desire makes of us

The Nervous Breakdown: "the problem with Desire" 


From My Skies of Small Horses

Truck: "Not Knowing Where This May Lead, Blue Horse Lets Them In"

No Tell Motel: "Only the Pots Know the Boiling Points of their Broths", "Over the Hills and Far Away", "There's a whole in the bucket, dear Liza", "Jam in the Doorjamb" and "Warning!"

Wicked Alice: "What Its Like to Be a Girl", "Command & Control", and "An Arrangement, an Iridescence, a Letting Go and Down"

From Seven Floors Up

Umbrella: "Caution Please Do Not Try to Turn the Head Forcefully by Hand!", "The Mum Bell", "Seven Floors Up to the Kitchen of the Soul"


From (al)most delicious

Umbrella: "Still Life with Interior", "Seated Nude 1", "Blonde Nude"

From small fruit songs

Umbrella:"Civil Fruit", "False Fruit", "Dreaming the Fruited Damson Tree" and "Fructus Industriales"

Qarrtsiluni: "Hive"


Lady/Liberty/Lit: "Rethinking Mrs. Robinson in the #MeToo Moment"

The Manifest-Station: "Life After Death" "What We Tell Our Sons about Rape

Zocalo Public Square: "Can Books Build Community?"


Like a Fat Gold Watch, Bared, Women Write Resistence, Letters to the World, White Ink, Orangelandia, Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel - Second Floor


Interviews online & elsewhere



The How The Why podcast by 1888

This Choice, with Ren Powell

My Awesome Empire



Artist's Spotlight in The Press-Enterprise by Patrick Brien of Riverside Arts Council

My (small press) writing life

Parents who make writing work

rob mclennans 12 or 20 questions


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