The Body at a Loss


ISBN 978-1-933880-71-6


CavanKerry Press

Cati Porter’s mother began chemo on July 19, 2012, Cati’s 41st birthday. Throughout the process, from diagnosis through treatment and recovery, Cati became her mother’s patient advocate, shepherding her through an “inconvenient year”. Then, during her mother’s recovery, Cati receives her own medical diagnosis, quickly transforming advocate into patient.

​Cati Porter’s The Body at a Loss carefully dissects the strangely intimate and simultaneously dehumanizing theater of medicine, the difficult tightrope between well and sick, between life and death, the journey of all mortal beings with beautiful. moving language. —Jeannine Hall Gailey

My Skies of Small Horses


ISBN 978-1625491756

WordTech Editions

January 27, 2016

My Skies of Small Horses is a love letter to all that is strange, uncomfortable, terrible in its beauty. Taking its cues from a range the ragged edge of feminist poetry, the poems in this collection are not satisfied being the object of affection; they would rather you look away than stay with them, so that they may go on being themselves rather than anything you might want them to be.

"Cati Porter's My Skies of Small Horses revels in a domestic space that twists and morphs until a dystopic world is revealed.  The speaker persists through various trials with a feral power that wreaks havoc on the ordinary." -- Molly Bendall

The Body, Like Bread


ISBN 978-1944251765

Finishing Line Press

March 15, 2016


Written while standing at the stove, a spatula in one hand and her cell phone in the other, these poems sizzle with wanting, straddling the boundary between what we want and what we can't have.

"A marriage of Epicureanism and Eroticism." -- Shaindel Beers

"Aching poems, mouth-watering poems, thrumming with every hunger the body can hold." -- Gayle Brandeis

Seven Floors Up


ISBN 978-0932412676

Mayapple Press

June 1, 2008

Cati Porter's debut collection is intimate, tender, at times funny and at others erotically charged, Porter’s poems dwell on the subjects that affect us deeply: relationships complicated by circumstance; childbirth; illness; unseasonable death. She reminds us that it is in the everyday entaglements that we find poetry.

Through E-Bay ads for an inflatable church, labels stuck to her preschool son's jeans, instructions for preconception gender selection, and childhood games, Porter names herself into the world with lyrical irony in poem after hilariously tragic poem. -- Tony Barnstone


(al)most delicious


dancing girl press

An ekphrastic series of persona poems in the voice of Modigliani's nudes.

The Way Things Move The Dark


dancing girl press

Selection of poems from what would become My Skies of Small Horses.

what Desire makes of us


dancing girl press

A series examining what it might mean to be literarlly consumed by Desire.

Originally published as an illustrated e-chapbook by Ahadada Books.

Illustrations and all dgp chapbook cover art by

Amy Payne.

small fruit songs

Pudding House Press

June 2008

out of print

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